Projects & Interests

  • MLW & DoE

    Mark Lewis Wagner is a traditional and digital artist, graphic designer, street painter, and educator. Founder of the non-profit Drawing on Earth, he has worked with 30,000 children and holds two Guinness World Records for chalk drawings. He created five pieces of art that have been photographed by satellite, and is currently teaching art online, […]

  • The Graffiti Wars

    The beast sprints down the alley – glyphs, symbols, graphic shapes, tanks, and fighter jets, spill out onto the ground as it turns. It’s coming for her and she knows it as she keeps working on the graffiti piece. In another time an alert goes off for the entire Port of Oakland as an intruder […]

  • Open Studio 2016

    “Our Art Studio” Open Studio: June 11, 1-5pm East Oakland CA email me for address They say its been many moons since “Our Art Studio” has seen an open studio. So please, come on down to East Oakland, much creative grounded male energy here to be celebrated… it’s amazing! BJ McKinley – stone, bronze, painting, […]

  • “Making Whole”

    This year I started and finished a large 6 x 12 ft. painting (which has been in two shows already). This post is about the creation of this painting called “Making Whole.” See Photo Gallery and Videos Below… Last summer I began a new series of work that was centered around collages using my hands. I […]

  • Sci-fi Concepts

    I’m working on my own sci-fi story. It involve graffiti, saving the world, a multi-dimensional shipping port, war, wizards, and a cute girl – right! Here is a recent night of creatings showing a photoshop session and how images are developed. ~MLW

  • Recycletron Robot

    Recycletron – the Dragun Giant Robot is the brainchild of Nick Myerhoff and Mike Parisi. They are a pair of misfit artist comrades who have been seeding the giant robot sculpture concept since 1995 when they worked together on the original Armymen video game at the now defunct 3DO Company. Nick was awarded the first […]

  • Burning Man 2012

    I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Burning Man again this year, my 3rd. Nick Meyerhoff, a local San Francisco Bay Area artist received a grant for Distrikt, a long time classic theme camp known for their day dance parties. Nick asked me to help him build a 20 ft. robot that we named […]

  • New Blog & Web Site

    USS Hornet, Aircraft Museum, Alameda CA This metal war beast lives near my home, I often hang out on the decomissioned Naval Air Base and get some of my best ideas hanging out there, I’m even writing a film or game script that involves the area – stay tuned! This is my new web site […]