Digital Art

computer graphics


I started to create digital art back in 1983 when I was offered a NEA (national endowment of the arts) grant at NYU, Tish School of the Arts, to experiment and explore on a computer. It was a teletext system that filled a small room, was worth a million buck, and had 8 colors. I was one of the artists invited (along with Keith Haring)  through my school, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, to push the system past the scientists and technicians who invented it.

In 1995 I went digital, raised money and bought my first Mac. Soon afterwards I was hired as the lead artist, assistant art director on a video game. I’ve been working and playing on Photoshop every day since, even teach it in college.

Here are some mixed works, from my own sci-fi graphic novel, to concept art for the Pixar/Disney film John Carter, to beginning sketches in ZBrush, and others. Enjoy!