• Please begin to upload your homework assignments to the classroom’s DROPBOX. Start now so that you get the hang of it. Use the link below, add your work to the Chabot Photoshop folder.
• Only upload “jpg” files, NO PSD!
• If you are working on a large file, resize it – nothing larger than 1200 px in any direction.
• Label correctly – last name_filename01.jpg etc…
• Upload all homework assignments now, I want to see where everyone is at. You can replace work up until the end of the semester. Photoshop




1) Nature & Technology
2) Sex & Money
3) Art & War

• Create a large file 1200 h x 1800 w

• Pick one of the above themes.

• Create a folder, get online, do an image search  (use large images), and fill up your folder.

• Use the Golden Mean / Rule of Thirds to set up your compositions.

• Have fun creating a cool piece using all your Photoshop skills we have learned so far.

• Take screenshots and/or save out jpgs as you work. I want to see your process.

• Save as: lastname_duality01.jpg


MLW works examples…

Sex & Money


Nature & Technology


Art & War
(used Prisma App)